Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce the best eyeshadow primer ever. It's called URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION, otherwise known as UDPP. Sounds familiar? I just made my purchase on an Urban Decay Primer and will be doing a video on it. I also received a Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion too. I won't go into details because I will be doing a review on it. STAYED TUNED!

Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This miracle eyeshadow primer is unmatched by any other in the beauty industry! The genie in this bottle fulfills three wishes: eyeshadow that lasts, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing. Apply Primer Potion to lids before shadow application. It dries down almost instantly ( and invisibly ), creating smooth lids that are super powered eyeshadow magnets.

The formula is full of silicone, which you beauty mavens know makes for a smooth and silky application. Packaged in a pretty genie bottle, our Potion applies with a magic wand and flocked applicator.

Tips: A little goes a long way! Apply a thin coat and let dry, then apply Eyeshadow as you normally would. Then DARE it to crease. (Double-dog dare it, even!)
Fill Weight: 10ml e 0.34 US fl. oz.

Price: $16.00



  1. Anonymous11.2.08

    Really...alright cant wait for the videos to come out

  2. I've heard about this primer, but never tried it. I use MAC Paints, but once it runs out...I'm going to give this a try!

    Check out my blog too: fabu-lessbeauty.blogspot.com

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