Reviews on the Most Effective Acne Products

I have very oily skin and went through periods of breakouts. I endured a constant battle with my skin and only recently did I manage to control my breakouts. If anyone of you out there have acne prone skin then please read. I have tried all the products you can imagine and would like to share with you my experiences. Also please read my post on 10 ways to get acne free, clear skin- the secret to great skin . 

(~Drugstore Products~)

Clean and Clear Persa Gel 5-
They work decent for on spot treatments. It contains 5% benzoyl peroxide which is the strongest dosage of medication for non-prescription drugs. I like how there is no smell in this medication. Use it at the first site of a pimple so you can zap them away before they even begin.

Clean and Clear Blackhead Astringent-
I have used it a couple of times. They do make your skin less oily but for those of you with sensitive skin, be careful. Test it on a small area on your face first before using it. After using this, you’ll notice that your skin is smoother and less oily but don’t forget to moisturize! Although they do prevent blackheads, they do not dramatically eliminate them so you still have to actually take the blackheads out yourself.

St. Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub-
This is one product that I would recommend to everyone. Not necessarily the medicated version but they have versions for all skin types. These scrubs are made with a Swiss formula and added with beads made out of apricot nuts. You skin feels like it has been renewed and a new layer of skin shed! I call this the mini-microdermabrasion in a tube!

(~High End Products~)

Clinique 3 Step System
I am currently using this system. It makes my skin feel very smooth. The cleanser’s only job is to clean skin and it does a good job of that. The toner to me seems more like a blackhead control astringent so it keeps the amount of oil on my face under control. The dramatically different moisturizer is my favourite part. It has won many awards and after using this product, my skin feels smooth.

I used it a couple of times. They are good if you have a layer of dead skin cells you want to get rid of. I use it to even out the acne scars I have on my face. I see a huge difference after the first usage but then afterwards I found that I had to keep using it if I want the same effect.

Vichy Acne Products
Their line is famous in Europe. It has managed to spread to North America for a solid reason. If this were not pricey I would have continued to use this product. All of their products tend to sensitive skin. I love the smell of this product. The result of using the system lasts not only a few hours but throughout the day. This product is suitable for uneven skin, dilated pores and mild acne.

Zeno acne clearing Device
I bought this and then returned it. It worked pretty well when I had an inflamed pimple and it was really red. In 30 seconds I got rid of the redness. However, the pimple seemed to take longer to disappear. It was not a product for me. Although I have heard many other reviews and it seemed to work for them. So you can give it a try but I warn you, it is only to zap away a pimple here and there for emergencies. It doesn’t prevent future breakouts.


Eventually, I tried everything and nothing seemed to have worked for my cystic acne so I took Acutane for 6 months. Those were painful but my acne completely disappeared leaving me with only scars. There were unwanted side effects with these medications and I only took them under the supervision of my dermatologist.


  1. Anonymous22.5.08

    I tried Zeno and I don't like it either. Proactiv is not for everyone. I agree! Thanks

  2. Anonymous17.3.16

    The zeno is a good product, Ive had great results with it!