Rapid Lash Review- the Ultimate Lash Grower For Thicker, Longer and More Defined Eyelashes

Not sure about you but I am personally not a huge fan of wearing fake eyelashes every day. I prefer wearing them for special occasions only. Besides, falsies aren’t exactly the most natural makeup accessory to wear everyday. Finally we have a solution to have real full, long and fluttery eyelashes; a lash growth serum. Yes, finally something that works. Read on about this falsies replacement serum: Rapidlash.

What it is: 
Rapidlash is a lash serum that helps to lengthen, thicken, curl, multiply and fortify the lashes.

How long does it take?
Time varies between individuals but as a beauty advisor who gathered testimonials from my customers, it usually takes 3-6 weeks to see significant changes.

How much and where do I get it?
Here in Canada you can find this at Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs for around $60 plus tax.

How do I apply it? 
It applies like a liquid eyeliner at the base of your eyelashes once a day.


Length- The length of my own lashes increased by 40%.
Thickness-The fullness of my own lashes increased by 200%
Number of lashes- I noticed my lashes are densely packed together and new lashes are growing at the roots

Bonus- It also works on your eyebrows too. I used it to correct my sparse eyebrows.

My personal experience
As a beauty advisor working for a beauty store, I was skeptical about this item at first. I’ve heard multiple gimmicks about growth serums and they never seem to work. However, as each of my beauty advisor colleagues have tested this product, each and every one of them received astonishing results right before my eyes. It was then I decided to try it. After 4 weeks, my short study asian eyelashes grew like crazy and here I am today recommending this product to all of you girls who aren’t blessed with long, lush lashes. We have a cure!

I got my Rapidlash at this beauty site on OMG beauty shop. It is the cheapest place to buy it compared to anywhere at drugstores on the internet as other places retail for $60 and they sell it for $39.95! Below is their link:



  1. Nice blog advice, enjoyed reading it full of chuck to make my eye perfect.

  2. Thanks so much. I hope I can be more active though!

  3. Anonymous11.7.11

    Hey! I've been using Smashbox's Lash revival - I don't think it works as quickly as rapidlash. I'll try rapidlash when it runs out :) thanks for this review!

  4. @ funkilyblank....yeah I'm not sure if the Smashbox one works but I was working with a bunch of girls who all tried this and it worked for all of us. Don't forget you can get it at http://omgbeautyshop.com/ for a lot cheaper. Good luck and let me know if it works for you!

  5. Mursalli

    Heey i was wondering if its okay to pu mascara on cuz thats the only makeup i do :s

  6. Anonymous3.4.12

    How is this different to LiLash?

  7. Anonymous3.4.12

    Thanks for your advice! Means a lot! -Isabellaaaaa. (:

  8. The rapidlash is known to be one of the most effective product when it come to enhancing your eyelash.