5 Ways To Look Radiant, Energized and More Awake With Makeup

Makeup can not only transform your features but make you look more radiant, energized and awake. Here are five tips that can make you look like you had a full 8 hour rest and recharged for the day to come.

1. Moisturise or use a face oil

The most important step to radiant skin is to provide enough hydration for your skin. Facial oils are becoming more popular as they can help balance and add hydration to the skin regardless of your skin type. To get naturally glowing skin, read 5 Ways To Get Hydrated, Glowing Skin and Get Rid of Dry Flaky Skin.

2. Use a foundation with a dewy, glowy finish

A foundation that has a matte finish may make your face appear dull. Choose a light reflecting foundation or use a BB cream which has sheer coverage but doubles up as a moisturizer. The finish of your foundation should give you a dewy yet natural look. Find out about the top 10 foundations under $10.

3. Use a highlighter

Adding light to the correct places on your face can make you look more awake. Highlight above the cheekbones, in the centre of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose and even slightly above the cupid's bow of your lips. Highlighters do not need to break the bank, find out top 5 highlighters under $5

4. Use a light, brightening concealer

The eyes give it away. Hide those dark circles and puffy eyes. Choose a salmon-colored concealer under the eye first to counteract the dark circles, then blend a light reflecting concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone under the eyes to fake a bright eyed look.

5. Add a pop of color to your makeup

If all fails and you are short on time, add a pop of color to your look. Throw on a vibrant colored blush or lipstick such as coral or bright pink for an instant awake look.

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