Comparing Best Drugstore Low-end Blush Vs. Best Luxury High-end Blush | GO LUX OR SAVE BUX SERIES

The battle of the best high luxury brand blush against the best low end drugstore test. Putting to the test the appearance of the blush (pigmentation), ease of application, price point and longevity or how wear the blush wears. Which one is worth money? Should you go lux or save bux? Welcome to the new series! For a list of best blushes of all time, check out Reviews of Best-Selling Blushes- Low-end and High-end. Products compared: Milani Baked Blush 12- Bella Bellini Nars Orgasm Blush
Learn how to apply blush like a pro depending on your face shape. See How to Perfectly Apply Blush to Flatter Your Face Shape- Round, Oval, Square, Heart. FTC: This is a non-sponsored video. Music:

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