3 Ways to get Longer, Thicker, Healthier Eyelashes- with Product Recommendations

I am obsessed with getting those long luscious eyelashes! I can never ever get them because asians usually don't have long eyelashes but I try anyway. Let me share some ideas on how to make eyelashes look long even though they are really sparse and short.

Step 1. Grow them out naturally.

Double-Lash Mavala Switzerland eyelash Growth Mascara:
It goes on clear with a wand-like a mascara. It is supposed to make your eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. I have given this a try and it actually worked! It took 2 months to see results but I was happy.

Step 2: Protect them.
No waterproof mascara: waterproof mascara usually flakes your eyelashes and make them even more brittle. It is hard to take off too. Rub vitamin E oil into eyelashes: I know this sounds really strange but I started doing that and my eyelashes seem ed healthier. Never sleep with mascara: Sleeping with mascara will only allow the chemicals to stay on the eyelashes longer. At night time especially, the hair follicles become very susceptible to breakage.

Don't touching your eyelashes or rubbing your eyes too much: I do that a lot. Shame on me. Avoid touching it because it will fall out.

Step 3: Pick the right mascara for yourself.

High end:
For length: Lancome Definicil- This is one of my favourite mascaras. Hands down.For volume: Christian Dior's Dior Show- A little pricey but love the volume it brings out.
Low end:

For length: Loreal telescopic mascara- I use it almost every day because it's affordable and does the job. Really good at separating too!

For volume: Loreal's voluminous- the stars are using it. I'm not completely flattered by it but it doesn't clump unlike most mascaras. So kudos for that.
For natural healthy eyelashes: Almay One Coat Mascara- I figured some of you want a mascara that can potentially be beneficial to your eyelashes. I like this one because it looks so natural and I believe it has vitamins in the formula to help lashes remain strong!


  1. Anonymous3.5.08

    Dior show is the best!

  2. Anonymous3.9.08

    Im not bragging but long eye lashes arnt all they seem i have ones that natrually touch the top of my eyebrows and my eye brows are quite high having lashes like these means that you cannot aply eyeliner below the bottom lashes because they are so thick when i have finished there is a massive gap between my eyelashes and the line i drew its so annoying i would much prefer short ones as its alot easyer to do diffrerent makeup tricks.

  3. Anonymous29.9.09

    oh sounds intersting iam going to try this tips.

  4. Anonymous15.1.10

    i'm asian and i have naturally long, thick lashes. so it bothers me when girls always say they dont have long lashes cause they're "asian"