Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes Showdown. Which Palette is the Best?

Urban Decay Naked Palettes have been a beauty guru staple for years. There are now more than five full Naked palettes on the market. For those who can't indulge in all of them, here is a breakdown of five Naked palettes to help you choose the best palette for yourself. 

Naked 1

A cult favourite for years. This is the only palette that has the original velvety package. This palette is what got the naked line famous as all the shades are bronze-hued and compliment each other to create a golden goddess J'lo look. See also Top 10 Best Long Lasting Eyeshadows That Stay On All-Day-High end and Low-end.

Pros: light to carry, great for warm and tanned complexion

Cons: not sturdy and mirror can break easily

Naked 2

The succession of the first palette, but focused on taupe-hued colors. This palette is perfect for work and has a wide array of neutral matte shadows that work as base shadow or eye contour. It also has a staple black shade that can be used as a liner or to add drama in the crease.

Pros: hard sturdy case, basic neutral matte shades

Cons: a few shadows not as pigmented as others, some shadows powdery

Naked 3

Following the rose gold hype, Naked 3 palette was born. There is an equal number of lighter shades as there are darker shades in this palette. The micro-glitter shades in this palette are top notch and work best wet with setting spray and applied on the centre of the lid.

Pros: rose gold hue great for brightening up any dull complexion, very fine micro glitter in light and dark shades

Cons: some matte shades not as smooth and pigmented, not as long lasting. Find out 5 Ways To Make Eye Shadow Stay On All Day

Naked Heat

These shadows are amber-hued and can create a fiery burnt orange look. Smooth and pigmented reddish and burned orange shades are one of the toughest shadows to create. This is the first Urban Decay palette with bold red and orange colors that can add a pop to any neutral look.

Pros: bold, vibrant shades, lots of mid-toned colors that can be used on its own with minimal blending

Cons: some colors are very similar, darker shades not as blendable

Naked Smoky

The ultimate palette for a sultry look whether it's for New Years' Eve or clubbing. It is the go-to palette to turn any day time look into night time look in a snap. The palette comes with instructions to create four different smoky looks, making it fool-proof for those who want to venture into smoky, sultry makeup without looking like a raccoon.

Pros: magnetic closure on case, has all the essential dark eyeshadow colors

Cons: Missing warm smoky looks, not as pigmented as previous palettes

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