Best Tips for Applying Eye Makeup for Monolids, Hooded or Asian Almond Eyes- 3 Different Looks- Super Natural, Natural/Modern and Dramatic in Less than 5 Minutes!

Here are the only tips and tricks you need for monolids, hooded eyes or asian eyes makeup application. Achieve a super natural, natural/modern or dramatic look in less than 5 minutes. Eyeliners can be tricky to work with as monolids or hooded eyes are prone to smudging or fading makeup. Whether you are an au-natural girl or a smoky eyed city girl, here are a list of tips and looks as well as some of the most appraised eyeliner products to make your life easier.

Top 3 Must Dos For Monolids/Hooded lids

1. Start with a primer

Never skip on using a base on your eyes that is oil-free. A makeup primer, concealer or eyeshadow primer are all great options. To add some depth and save time on applying eyeshadow, lots of eyeshadow cream/powders are great bases that add color and extra staying power.

2. Use waterproof/smudge proof eyeliner

Simple but probably the most important. Eyeliners are more fadeproof and water resistant compared to the past. Always check for waterproof or anything over 12 hours of wear. Never worry about your eyeliner smudging again, 10 Ways To Make Your Eyeliner Stay Put The Entire Day.

3. Use Setting spray or setting powder

Lock your masterpiece in place with a fine mist setting spray or an oil free setting powder like Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray or Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder.


The Look:           Super natural

Skip the eyeliner. Use a black or dark brown eye shadow with an angled eyeliner brush, smudge it along your lash line for a barely there look. Finish off with desired coats of waterproof mascara so it won't smudge. To intensify and prolong the shadow for monolids, wet the brush before application.

Cult Favourites Recommendation:
L'oreal Infallible 24 Hr Eyeshadow in Eternal Black
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Darkhorse
Lancome color design eye shadow in new black

The Look:           Natural

Use a waterproof pencil eye liner. For a smoky and more natural look, a khol works better than a wax or cream based eyeliner but keep in mind that the khol may not be as long wearing. When using a pencil eyeliner, use short gentle strokes to avoid tugging the delicate skin around the eyes. For almond shaped asian eyes or to achieve an eye opening effect, apply thinner line on inner corner and gradually thicker towards the outer corner while trying to keep it at close to the base of the lash line as possible. To prolong the wear of a pencil liner, set the line using an angle brush with eye shadow of the same color over the line, then set it with a translucent powder after.

Cult Favourites Recommendation:
Make up For Ever Aqua Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner in Matte Black Lancome le stylo waterproof eyeliner in black
Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in point zero

The Look:          Dramatic

Liquid or gel liners will give you the definition for "va va voom" eyes in an instant. They tend to stay on the longest but also require the most practice. Before using it, practice drawing several straight lines on the back of your hand. Keep a q-tip by your side in case of mess ups. Use short strokes again and for an extra kick, add a wing at the end of each line if you have Asian almond eyes. See How to Make Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter for hooded, monolids or almond shaped Asian eyes.

Cult Favourites Recommendation:
Milani Stay Put Matte 17 Hr Wear Liquid Eyeliner 
Lancome art liner in black
Loreal Linear Intense liquid liner
Maybelline liquid works liner in waterproof)
Bobbi Brown gel liner
Shiseido the makeup fine liquid liner

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