COVID-19 Coronavirus Makeup Survival Guide- 5 Steps to Quick, Easy, Long Lasting Makeup and Hair

During these unprecedented times, it can be a struggle to look and feel good. Here are 5 easy tricks to save you the time and money while maintaining the beautiful you during the Covid19- Coronavirus outbreak. Stay healthy and beautiful inside out! On a budget? Watch how to do Full Face Makeup For Under $20! 

Use a concealer and skip the foundation:

Definitely a good investment to purchase a dependable concealer or foundation/concealer in one so you can dab on troubled spots on the skin and blend with clean fingers or brush. Saves your more than half your time. 

Cult favourites: Tarte Shape Tape concealer, Milani's Conceal and Perfect Foundation.  

Buy an all in one eyeshadow palette and multifunctional products:
We want those colorful looks but sometimes less is more. Why not stick to a neutral palette and a quick routine. Look for multi-purpose products you can use on eyes, lips and cheeks! Watch Covid-19 Coronavirus Full Makeup Routine Using Only 5 Products Under 5 Minutes

Cult favourites: NARS The Multiple Stick in Orgasm, FENTY Beauty Match Stix

Try a two step smoky eye:

Eyeliner. Mascara. That's it! Pick a blendable eyeliner and smudge it so its smoky and sultry. Then layer on the mascara for a simple sexy look. A kohl eyeliner would be the most blendable. The whole look should take no more than 2 minute so give it a shot. Turn day makeup into night makeup in minutes with a darker lipstick, matte bronzer and blending a smokey eyeliner to bottom lash line. Keep your eye makeup locked with 5 Ways To Make Your Eyeshadow Stay On All Day.

Cult favourites: Charlette Tilbury Matte & Metallic Double ended eyeliner, Sephora Colorful Shadow & Liner

Tone down the shampoo:
We want silky, clean hair but how much washing is too much? Your hair has natural oil that keeps them looking shiny. These oils also protect your hair and scalp. Ditch the old "shampoo-rinse-repeat". Wash your hair every other day as you are mostly staying indoors to prevent hair from drying. 

Cult favourites: Batiste Dry Shampoo, Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam

Let your hair style while you are sleeping:

After washing your hair, braid them or put them in a low bun. The next morning, flaunt those pretty natural waves. Spray on some hairspray or work mousse into your hair and you are good to go!

Cult favourites: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, Ouai Wave Spray

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