Party Makeup Survival Guide

So girls, ready to party because summer is coming up! Clubbing, cocktail parties, dinner parties or just a girl's night out. You name it! Now, don't we all want to come back from the party and have wonderful pictures as memories of that night? How often do we come home only to find a picture of smeared makeup and eyeshadow creases. I AM GUILTY of that haha. Also you don't want to crawl right into bed after the party, a girl's got to take care of herself every night. What about the morning after, I look horrible. So to avoid that, lets talk about a couple of items you need to prepare for that night. So even if you are drunk the night before, at least the morning of your hangover, you've got the glam pictures. No more embarrassment!!
.::Touch ups
So don't we all need to touch up our makeup? Instead of rummaging frantically through out bag to find that little eyeliner, why not pack a palette. I highly recommend the Benefit Cosmetics 10 Palette (1). It includes bronzer, highlighter, lipstick and eyeshadows,
.::Before Hitting the Sack
As much as you do not want to at 4AM, clean your face! Just use wipes such as the Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Clothes(2). Don't need a sink and these are pretty affordable for lazy people:)
.::The Morning After
Those eyes. Puffy black eyes the night after. I recommend using cold water to dab on to your eyes for 5-10 minutes. After that use an eyecream to rejuvenate those tired eyes. MAC's Fast Response Eye Cream(3). This sucker works well. Pat on eyes and let it aborb those vitamins! And if that really doesn't work, last resort is a good eye concealer. I suggest The Balm Time Anti-Wrinking Concealer(4) or the Benefit Industrial Concealer which can also work as a wonderful primer at the same time.

.::My Addition

For the party night as well as the day after, you need a good powder to get rid of the oily complexion especially when you party and sweat. My favorite is MAC STUDIO FIX POWDER. Nothing beats that. So bring that along with you at the party and depend on that the day after!

So there you goooo, no more party worries. Just ENJOY your night and the morning after without bringing your entire makeup collection with you!


  1. Anonymous26.2.08

    MAC studio fix all the way!

  2. I love Olay wipes! :D

  3. I would just like to know if you have any Mascara suggestions. Also do you have any tinted moisturizer or Foundation preferences?

  4. hey jessica! Mascara. Cheap end I like Loreal Voluminous for volume and Loreal Telescopic for length. Expensive and high end ones I would recommend Dior show, Lancome hynosis, or bad gal lashes. As for foundation, I like MAC studio fix because it has good coverage but if you have good skin then use a tinted moisturizer that Clinique has.