MAC Pigments Review- 5 Ways to use it

I'm sure most of you love MAC. Most products are used for one thing, but MAC has an item for girls who are addicted to textures and shades! Use them for endless possibilities. Introducing MAC pigments! These pigments stay on all day are made of very concentrated powder. They blend blend blend well with the skin and sticks to it for hours. All you need is a little bit and you'll have a look you can't get with other products. The entire jar lasted me 3 years. No kidding. So let me tell you what these pigments can be used for!

1. Eyeshadows- Ofcourse! Play with those colors and micro-powders and blend.

2. Highlighter- Mix it (light colors) with your moisturizer for a subtle or glamorous glow to be used on brow bone, cheeks, forehead.

3. Bronzer- Mix it with powder for a powdered bronzer look or moisturizer for a cream textured sun tan

3. Nail polish- add it to your matte colors to create an immediate shiny texture. No need to splurge on an extra nail polish. You can also change the color of the nail polish.

4. glimmery eyes- For eyes with matte eyeshadow, add shine to your eyes for depth and glow.

5. Blush- If you like shimmery blushes. This is perfect. Get a pinkish shade and give those cheeks a flash of color. Mix it with moisturizer for a creamy look . Tone the glow down by adding powder or just use the pigments directly if you want dramatic cheeks!

I'm sure there are MORE things you can do with this. INVENT your own ways! Let me know if any of you come up with other possibilities!


  1. your advice is a life saver!!

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  3. What a great post! This is such good advice for maximizing Pigment!