5 Steps to Quick, Easy, Long lasting Makeup and Hair

Just want to share some ideas with you. Face it, being girls are not easy. We have to do our makeup, hair, nails. On top of that we wax, shave, and go crazy over skincare. Do we have that much time on our hands? I certainly don't. So I found these quick beauty tips so we can say goodbye to spending hours in the washroom everyday. Enjoy!

Use a primer:
Definitely a good investment because you do not need to reapply your makeup throughout the day. Your makeup stays on all day and your skin looks silky smooth too. My two favourites are MAC prep and prime and the legendary Smashbox primer.

Buy a neutral eyeshadow palette:
I know we all want to create those colorful looks. Those looks take hours to accomplish. Why not stick to a neutral palette. Stick to a routine. I'm not saying that once in a while you shouldn't be creative but to save time, having a neutral palette saves time and gives a very mature look. NARS multiple in orgasm would be great too since you can use it on your lids, lips and cheeks!

Try a two step smoky eye:
Eyeliner. Mascara. That's it! Pick a blendable eyeliner and smudge it so its smoky and sultry. Then layer on the mascara for a simple sexy look. A kohl eyeliner would be the most blendable. Altogether it only takes a minute or so. Do give it a shot. Practice makes perfect.

Turn day makeup into night makeup in minutes:
There are only three things you need; dark lipstick, matte bronzer and a sexy violet eyeliner. Those three things will show up on your face at night the most and give you a natural yet sexy and glamorous look.

Tone down the shampoo:
We want silky, clean hair but how much is too much? Your hair has natural oil that keeps them looking shiny. These oils also protect your hair and scalp. Ditch the old "shampoo-rinse-repeat". Wash your hair every other day if you are mostly staying indoors to prevent hair from drying.

Let your hair style while you are sleeping:

After washing your hair, braid them or put them in a low bun. The next morning, pretty waves. Spray on some hairspray or work mousse into your hair and you are good to go!


  1. Anonymous8.5.08

    I style my hair before I sleep too. Its hard to make it neat tho

  2. Anonymous12.5.08

    Two eyeshadow looks are hard to do but ill give it a try.

  3. Anonymous20.5.10

    excellent blog!!