How to Keep Your Makeup On During the Hot Summer

Summer is approaching. Don’t you hate it when your skin gets oily and your makeup smears. Well what can we do? We certainly can’t ditch our makeup. So, I have compiled a list of tips for summer. Look good and stay fresh in your makeup all day!

Foundation: Under the scorching heat, we need a great foundation that won’t melt and have super staying power. Get light foundations such as ones that you can spray on your face. I’ve tried the Sally Hansen spray on foundation before. It creates an airbrushed look. It worked alright.

The key is to buy something that is oil free because the sun is already triggering your oil glands to produce excess oil! A moisturizing foundation works too. Just don’t forget to set your foundation with loose powder girls! If your foundation still smears, read my post on 10 Ways to Make Your Foundation Stay On All Day .

Eyes: Waterproof waterproof waterproof eyeliners. Eyeshadows can get a little messy but for eyeliners and mascara, pick a waterproof one. You wouldn’t want streaks of mascara running down your face. I’m not a big fan of mascara because they dry out my lashes. So this is what I do. I put on a layer of non-waterproof mascara and then layer on the waterproof one. Not only do I get thick sexy lashes but my eyelashes are protected and the mascara still won’t run. As for eyeshadows, stay with powder eyeshadow and remember to put on a base. Avoid cream eyeshadows as good as they look. I love golden shimmery colors. They make you look like tanned and like a goddess under the sun. With eyeliners, pencil eyeliners are not really great for the summer, especially those self sharpening ones that contain wax because they contain oil. So, pick a liquid eyeliner and set it with powder afterwards if you really like the pencil eyeliner look.

I love bronzer! Fake that tan. Many girls get shiny bronzers but I like ones that have less shimmer. Why? Because when you naturally tan, do you have shimmers on your face? Exactly! What I like to do is go under the sun and look at where the sun hits your face, then apply bronzer in those areas. Remember, never put bronzer down your nose, run them down the sides of your nose to make them look skinnier. Please refer to post on How to get a golden bronze face for the summer and top best bronzers you want the perfect bronze. Most people like to skip the blush. Adding some redness to your cheeks makes your makeup look believable, so why not? Grab a blush that has great staying power like a mousse or powder blush. If you want you can spray your cheeks with a bit of water after your makeup, that way your makeup will stay on longer.

I like lipgloss. Be simple. Nothing hotter than a nice shimmery lipgloss reflecting off the sun. Stay away from dark colors as they will make you look a little tired and dead under the sun. Bright coral and pinkish colors look great on anyone. If you absolutely do not know the color of lipgloss you want, then simply wear your usual lipstick and add a clear lipgloss on top. Clear lipgloss can act as any color you want. So experiment with the endless possibilities. However I must warn you, lipgloss tend to fade throughout the day. So in order to make them stay on longer, powder your lips, apply lip pencil to shape your lips and fill them in with a moisturizing lipstick and finally add gloss. One last thing for the finishing touch, add a dab of highlighter in the middle of your lips on the top and bottom for extra pouty lips.


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    yay summer...yeah I'm totally stuck on the bronzer stuff...thanks this was really helpful to know!

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    good work girl =)